I have been using the Nobletails dog walking service for six and a half years, having asked Mark Upton to walk my dog Oscar in early 2006.

At the time Oscar was a three year old – more unruly than average, and difficult to handle. His recall was non-existent so he could not be walked off the lead, and he was highly disobedient.

Not only was Mark extremely reliable in walking Oscar every day; he also trained and disciplined Oscar during these walks (at no extra cost) such that over time Oscar was transformed into a disciplined dog.

On countless occasions over the years I have called Mark up at the last minute to either hold on to Oscar until late, or look after him overnight, and Mark has cheerfully accommodated me. Oscar also stays with Mark's family whenever we go away on holidays.

I have always found Mark to be consistent and reliable, cheerful and pleasant, and in six and a half years have never had any problems with the service.

I would be happy to discuss with any prospective client any questions that they may have regarding Mark and the Nobletails dog walking service.

Robyn Reutens

Lee has been walking Baxter for the past eighteen months, since Baxter was a puppy. Baxter is always incredibly excited to see Lee when he comes to pick him up, and it is a relief knowing he is in such safe, reliable hands.

We feel completely confident that he is well looked after under Lee's care, and Baxter is always calm, content and exhausted after his walk.

Lee has been very reassuring if we were worried about Baxter in any way, and will offer advice which we always appreciate. Lee has also held keys for both our current house and our previous house, and we would trust him completely in this regard. We would not hesitate to recommend Lee to anyone looking for someone calm, responsible and caring to walk their dog.

Claire HIrst