Dog Rescue - Forgotten Paws

As the owner of Nobletails, through working with dogs and getting to know doggy people, I have become aware of Serbia's Forgotten Paws a young charity organization set up by Jovana Ivastanin.

The charity works tirelessly to support a dog shelter in Nis, Serbia. This shelter is currently home to 330 dogs.

A measure of Jovana's success is that this time last year there were over 400 dogs at the shelter. Through a process of ensuring the dogs are kept healthy with medicines, food and exercise. They can then be chosen for rehoming, moved from the shelter to family foster homes in Nis, where they learn to live in a loving domestic environment until they ready for their new family in the UK.

I have visited the shelter every yearly since 2012 and each year Nobletails raises money to help fund the care of the dogs.

I encourage all my clients at Nobletails to donate a small sum of money/dog treats/ toys each year. If you have come to this page and are not yet a client of Nobletails please click through to the Forgotten Paws website and get involved, donate a little money (every little bit really truly helps) or RESCUE A DOG.