A New Home for a Rescue Dog

Mark Upton on 17-Nov-2015
  • Otis the rescue dog on his walk with MarkAdorable rescue dog holding a ballOtis Daycare fun

Today we would like to share another side of Nobletails with you. As some of you might know, we at Nobletails dog walking & daycare do more than just providing dog walks or boarding in Wimbledon. We also like to help out less fortunate rescue dogs.

 Serbia's Forgotten Paws is a charity that we work closely with that rehomes dogs in Wimbledon and the South West, we raise money for them and we have travelled to the dog shelter in Nis, Serbia to help improve the conditions for the dogs at Jelena’s rescue. The main aim is rehoming the dogs to loving homes. Some dogs have been dumped at the shelter gate as puppies and have never known a home.
We would like to raise awareness for one dog in particular at the moment as he has travelled to the UK and is currently being fostered here with us at Nobletails and is awaiting his forever home.


Otis did it! Our charming rescue dog from Serbia has found a lovely family in London! Isn't that the most beautiful Christmas present you can give to such a lovely rescue dog?
Our journey with Otis has been a pleasure, and we look forward to have more foster dogs in the feature. Serbia's Forgotten Paws has over 200 dogs sheltered at this very moment.
And I hope we can soon introduce you to another fosterdog, that is being flown over, ready for a new home.

If you want to be up to date of any dogs that might be in our fostercare, then check up on our blog on a regular basis or send us an e-mail you're interested.
If you want to adopt a dog from the rescue centre, or want to help a rescue dog in another way, then check the SFP website for more information!

UPDATE 22/12/2015

Otis has been with us at Nobletails for quite a while now. We had a few people over to check for a match so thanks to everyone spreading the word!
Sadly none of these great people have been a match with Otis because he was so shy and scared in the first meeting. So here is an update on how our rescued foster dog is doing!

Otis is doing GREAT. And when I type that in full capslock, I mean it.
He is way less nervous then he was before, and is starting to get even more curious about everything around him. Heck, he is even developing a small attitude! Not in a bad sense, he is just more confident then he was before and dares to even raise an occasional bark to show everyone he is around. Behind those lovely big brown eyes crying for cuddles mostly, he even gets to 'dog' with the other dogs a lot better. He is playing with dogs at the daycare, running around with them on the walks, and for some reason he thinks he's playing ball with everyone when he picks up the husk of a conquer to violently shake it around. He almost got it right, they're both round and about the same size.

With people we see massive improvements here and there, then some small fallbacks again before making a leap.
He used to be terrified around new people, and it would last for days, the poor soul would hide anywhere as long as he wasn't seen by 'the new ones'.
Now however, a couple of weeks later, we see quite some improvement. Sure, when he first sees you in his trusted environment, he might panic a little bit, recently he even had an accident simple because there were some new people around. The difference being that within 2 hours(!) he was sitting on the couch with them, cuddling and all! Keep in mind that he has lived in a cage for his entire life up until he came here. He was terrified of everything, so to get to the cuddling stage in 2 hours of being around him, is a massive improvement!
Otis is great at spooning while having a nap together!

Slowly but surely he is becoming more and more what you would never have even imagined being a rescue dog.
Shy, yes. But once used to you he is great. He is energetic but knows when not to be. Playful and very gentle.
He is incredibly friendly and cuddly, even more then at the start! When his foster dad sits on the couch he is the first one to also be there and snuggle up to him.
But even though very cuddly and friendly, Otis is not pushing for attention. He doesn't mind being alone either, when he is... he just sleeps.

Otis still needs a home people! And we can not do it without you!
Help Otis the rescue dog by spreading the word to your friends

Now a little bit about Otis.

Otis was dumped as a tiny pup along with his siblings and mother at the dog shelter. His mum and most of the pups have now found their forever homes. It's only Otis and Zeus that are left to be adopted.
Otis has been sitting in a small cage with his brother for 2 and a half years, surviving the hardest Serbian winters and scorching summers. He has never lived in a house until last week, and still he's not had a single accident indoors!  He is brave enough to be left alone for a couple of hours. He is a very sweet and gentle dog, he loves other dogs as well. 
Even though he is a little bit unsure of new situations he is happy to follow your lead and he enjoys woodland walks with the other dogs on Wimbledon common with his foster dad and the gang at Nobletails.
He also travels well in the car, is up to date with all of his jabs and has been neutered. Otis is microchipped and has his very own pet passport in case you'd like to take him on holiday with you.

Are you Otis' forever friend and can you offer him a forever home? He desperately wants the love he has missed out on for so long!
If you would like to know more about Otis, feel free to call Mark at Nobletails about him (number on main site) or contact Jovana at Serbia's Forgotten Paw's.

Thanks for taking the time to consider rehoming young Otis. If you are not in a position to adopt a dog right now and would like to help this dog rescue and dog charity re home more rescue dogs there is lots of things you could do to help, please just call.