Honey’s Doggy Daycare

Mark Upton on 09-Oct-2015
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Nobletails is excited to announce that we have a new partner; Honey’s Doggy Daycare.

Walking dogs on Wimbledon Commons, that’s what Nobletails has been about for the past few years. Nothing more, nothing less, just having dogs run around the woods, splashing and swimming in ponds and playing together as one big family.
Now we have grown our family we have partnered up with Honey’s Doggy Daycare and are able to make use of all of their fabulous facilities which includes;
-Our own securely fenced private land
-Summer splash pool
-Agility course

It’s a lovely place for the dogs to meet, relax and have fun.
Now we’re not limited to only exercise and socialize your dogs on a set routine on Wimbledon Commons, but also we now make use of the opportunity to visit Honey’s and socialize there.

Please visit Honey’s website and have a look around so you can see that your dog has the best of both worlds, walks on Wimbledon Commons and a marvellous daycare centre.